A Sigfox definition defines the connection between the MEUNGO platform with the Sigfox backend.

Before you can configure a Sigfox definition you need a Sigfox sensor with a Sigfox subscription with access to the Sigfox backend.

Sigfox sensors communicate with the Sigfox backend, and we need to configure the Sigfox backend to forward the sensor data to the MEUNGO platform. For this we need to give the MEUNGO platform read and write permissions to the Sigfox backend. When you buy a Sigfox subscription you will get your login credentials for the Sigfox backend.


After a successful login click on GROUP, select your group by clicking on it, then API ACCESS and then New to create the API Access to your new group.


Select your timezone, and select the following roles to be associated with your API ACCESS:



After you clicked OK your new credentials should be shown on the screen.


You will need to copy paste these credentials into the MEUNGO platform.

Login to the MEUNGO platform, and let's create a new Sigfox definition. For this click on Sigfox definitions in the menu and click on the plus icon in the right upper corner.


Copy and paste the API ACCESS credentials you created in the Sigfox backend and SUBMIT these by pushing the submit button.


Next you select the group for this definition, and the Sigfox device type


After this all your devices associated with this Sigfox device type should appear in the table at the bottom of the page.

A new menu item on the left of the screen has appeared which will allow you to define Sensor definitions.