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A Sensor is an instance of a sensor definition, it is the link between a physical sensor and the digital version of the sensor.

You can create sensors in two ways.

Creating a sensor using the sensors overview

To create a new sensor click on Sensors in the menu and click on the plus icon in the right upper corner.


You will be asked for the sensor definition, a name of your sensor, and the unique Sigfox identifier of your sensor. If your Sigfox definition is configured correctly you should be able to choose from your Sigfox devices.


Creating a sensor using the Sigfox definition

After you defined a Sigfox definition and a sensor definition the Sigfox definition table will give you the option to create a sensor by providing a create button.


After pushing create you will be asked for the sensor definition, and a name of your sensor.


Sensor details

After you created a sensor the MEUNGO platform will be listening to the sensor and it will start collecting data.